Equilibrium B1 Cool Mix 5kg

The 5kg pails are a fantastic way to see if Equilibrium is going to work for you. 5kg of product is enough to supplement the average horse for a period of about 10 weeks, or 2½ months. Most before and afters that you see in our promotional material are taken over a period of about six to seven weeks. If you’ve ever been curious about trying out our products, a 5kg pail is the perfect way to purchase enough product to see if it will work for you and your horse.


Distinctive in its blue and black bag, Equilibrium B1 Cool Mix is a complete supplement recommended for nervous or excitable horses. Containing the same ingredients as its Equilibrium Mineral Mix stable mate, B1 Cool Mix does not contain ingredients that will make your horse sleepy or lethargic. Where nervousness or excitability is brought on by nutritional issues, our B1 Cool Mix product maybe able to help. Based on our own observations, as well as on feedback from many customers that we’ve spoken to over the years, the horses for which B1 Cool Mix works seem to able to think better in circumstances that would otherwise be daunting or frightening.

Equilibrium B1 Cool Mix was initially developed for a show jumping horse that was competing at World Cup level. The sights and sounds of royal shows always present a challenging environment to horses, none more so to a horse that suffers nervousness or excitability. Mulberry Road was one such horse that turned in erratic performances as a result of his nerves and it was after adding B1 Cool Mix to his feed that his consistency improved and he started turning in some very pleasing results.

Composition of Equilibrium B1 Cool Mix on a per kilogram basis.
Nutritional ElementAmount
Iron (ferrous)1,500mg
Vitamin A250,000 IU
Vitamin E1,875mg
Vitamin B11225mg
Folic Acid100mg


The rates of inclusion of  these nutritional elements is on a per kilogram basis. To calculate how much of a particular element would be in each scoop, divide the per kg value by 14.3.

Geeking Out About Ingredients

It is important to note that the listing in our composition is for the elements that are of nutritional value to horses. This is why when the values are added up, they do not equal 1kg.

For example, Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) is a useful ingredient to supplement calcium in the diet. The Calcium component of Calcium Carbonate only accounts for 40.08% of the total mass, the other 59.98% is Carbon and Oxygen. So let’s pretend Equilibrium had a new Calcium product that was made from 100% Calcium Carbonate (we don’t), we would declare 401g of Calcium on the composition because this is the nutritional element most relevant to horses.

Breaking down the respective weights of atoms in a Calcium Carbonate molecule.
Number of AtomsAtomMolar MassSubtotal MassSubtotal Mass
1Ca (Calcium)40.0840.0440.08
1C (Carbon)12.0112.0012.01
3O (Oxygen)16.0047.9648.00
Total Molecular Weight100.09

The data for the table above was sourced from the molecular weight calculator at this page: Lenntech – Molecular Weight Calculator. Try it for yourself by clicking the link and inputting CaCO3 into the chemical formula box.

The ingredients selected for inclusion in Equilibrium supplements were hand picked because of the nutritional value they provide to horses. Our products contain no fillers or bulking ingredients! Our unique formulations only include ingredients that provide a benefit to your horse. If you would like to know more, please contact us!

Recommended Retail Price

  • New South Wales / ACT
  • $39.50
  • Queensland
  • $38.50
  • South Australia
  • $40.00
  • Tasmania
  • $40.50
  • Victoria
  • $39.50
  • Western Australia
  • $42.00

How much Equilibrium should I feed?

How much Equilibrium should I feed?